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Images courtesy Dillon Ornelas - Sydney

Digital 3D Scanning using Einscan 3D Scanners is the most cost effective process for automating scan & design, workshop measurements or reverse engineer with captured digital information then exchange with other CAD software, CNC systems or for 3D printing.

Fixed Scan - autoscan
From stand alone very accurate fixed stand LED light scanning technologies to hybrid Blue Light & Laser hand held scanner units like the Einscan HX for expanded industrial capability.

Hand held high accuracy with blue light & laser
The Einscan HX is hybrid hand held unit with choice of either Structured Blue LED light for colour scans or multiple blue Laser lines in Laser scan mode to make quick work of most objects for better reverse engineering.
High resolution and accuracy meets most industrial application for reverse engineering and measurement.
Minimum Point distance is 0.05mm; with accuracy of 0.04mm under Laser scan mode.
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EinScan SP 3D versatile scanner EinScan SP 3D versatile Light Scanner

EinScan SP 3D versatile scanner

  • EinScan SP Scanner is a white light scanner for engineers

  • Simple easy interface with markers, turntable and tripod for faster more accrate scans

  • Includes auto stitching to seemlessly join scans and produce watertight 3D models

  • Print 3D models directly from scans
  • Basic Scanner: $4,092.00 Inc GST
    Einscan H Infrared hand held scanner + SolidEdge Einscan H Infrared hand held scanner + SolidEdge

    Einscan H hybrid Infrared & Light scanner

    • hybrid 3D hand scanner using structured light (Red) & invisible infrared light
    • perfect for facial and difficult to scan objects includes Einscan software

    Our Price: $7,546.00 Inc GST
    Einscan Transcan C - Professional high Accuracy Scanner Einscan Transcan C

    Einscan Transcan C - Profession High Accuracy Scanner

    Transcan C as a professional-grade 3D scanner capturing exceptionally high resolution and accurate scans of objects from small to medium size for a great variety of industries. includes ExScan software, Siemens SolidEdge Shiningg 3D Design Software, Auto turntable & Tripod

    Our Price: $7,898.00 Inc GST
    EinScan-PRO HD Hand held Scanner EinScan PRO HD+SolidEdge Hand held Scanner

    EinScan PRO HD 3D Hand held scanner

  • EinScan PRO HD improved scanning of shiny and dark surfaces

  • Higher resolution 0.045mm Auto/Fixed scan

  • Full features ( high speed 3M points/s scanning, highly accurate, very versatile)

  • Includes Siemens SOLID EDGE Shining 3D Edition PLM software>
  • Basic Scanner: $11,385.00 Inc GST
    Einscan Austoscan Inspec - Metrology Quality High Accuracy Scanner Einscan AutoScan Inspec

    Einscan Autoscan Inspec
    Automatic 3D very high resolution small desktop scanner to 10 micron accuracy

    Our Price: $16,830.00 Inc GST
    Einscan HX - Laser & Light hand scanner Einscan HX Hybrid Laser hand held scanner+SolidEdge+Geomagic

    Einscan HX Industrial hand held laser hybrid scanner

    • hybrid 3D laser & blue LED light hand scanner for accurate shiny and dark objects
    • includes Einscan software + Siemans Solid Edge Shining Edition software + Geomagic Essentials + Tripod

    Our Price: $19,965.00 Inc GST