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Two Exciting Releases From Maxon

What's new in Maxon Cinema 4D S R26

This new version Cinema 4D S R26 is the latest iterative upgrade available for all subscribers but has to be manually downloaded from your account - it will not replace your existing version and can be run by choice. However, it does contain some entirely useful new tools that you can't do without.

ALL MAXON Annual 12 month license PRODUCTS are available through Smart Technology and we provide and Australian based cost effective fixed AUD$ pricing with Australian GST 10% with support - NOT 23% Irish VAT: you will be charged at the ONLINE store
WE ONLY OFFER 12mth licenses and DON'T OFFER Monthly subscriptions

  • Cinema 4D S R26 + Redshift 3.x (3.5 as at Apr 22 2022) Each part can be used on a different machine supports new modelers
  • MAXON ONE - Cinema 4D R R25 + Redshift - Each part can be used on a different machine supports new modelers + RedGiant Complete
    Placement Tools:
    • Cinema 4D S R26 sets the stage for creativity with intuitive and powerful tools for placing objects within a scene. Creating an environment, adding props and creative exploration is as simple as dragging-and-dropping objects onto one another, painting objects onto a surface, or allowing objects to fall into place with the help of dynamics.
  • New Asset Browser:
    • Makes it easy to find and use models, materials and other assets in your 3D scenes. Browse and search online or local asset databases, including a vast library of assets available to C4D subscribers. Assets are organised with rich metadata and keywords and are downloaded and cached locally on demand.
  • Animation Workflow Enhancements:
    • Cinema 4D S R26 adds more powerful animation workflow enhancements and builds upon the success of character animation features introduced in R23. Everyone who creates keyframes will enjoy improved curve evaluation and other workflow enhancements, while Character Animators will enjoy even more powerful retargeting and pose workflows.
  • Scene Manager/Scene Nodes:
    • Experience first-hand how things are taking shape as work continues on Cinema 4D's new core.
      Cinema 4D S R26 introduces the Scene Manager, the spiritual successor to Cinema 4D's Classic Object Manager. Use powerful node-based assets to construct procedural geometry or entire scenes in this new hierarchy-based view or view the same objects in a continually evolving Scene Nodes editor.
    * NON FLOATING LICENSES do not have the flexibility of full Floating licenses but users can 'quit and move' their license to another machine.
ALL MAXON PRODUCTS available through Smart Technology are reduced and more cost effective as we offer fixed AUD$ pricing with Australian GST 10% with full support - NOT 23% Irish VAT: you will be charged at the ONLINE store

What you get with MAXON ONE over Cinema 4D S R26

R S 26

Maxon ONE now includes ZBrush...

Updates more to come...

Friedrichsdorf, Germany April 22 2022 - Maxon, the developers of professional software solutions for motion designers and visual effects artists, today announced updates to nearly every application within Maxon One product offering.
Cinema 4D S R26 and Trapcode Suite 17 unveil significant new
functionality, the VFX Suite 2 features the addition of the recently acquired Bang muzzle flare generator, the introduction of Redshift RT and multiple products have received essential compatibility updates.

Maxon One subscribers can immediately download all product updates via Maxon App . Anyone can begin a 14-day trial of the entire Maxon One offering from within the Maxon App and experience for themselves all the great new features across the entire Maxon family of products.

This multi-product update release follows the company's enhancements to many products released earlier this year, illustrating Maxon's commitment to delivering consistent product development and superior value to the Maxon One offering.

"We've added a load of innovative functionality and valuable compatibilities to many of the products in Maxon One; said Dave McGavran, Maxon CEO. "
Our goal is to provide artists a frictionless creative
experience with trailblazing technology.

See Maxon One in Action on The 3D and Motion Design Show

Maxon will debut the features of Cinema 4D R25, Trapcode 17, VFX 2, Redshift RT and more during its two-day virtual event. Tune in online at on September 14th and 15th for exclusive presentations from industry-leading artists.

Maxon One is packed with new features that inspire the entire creative process, including:

Cinema 4D Release 25

The most intuitive 3D application interface just got even better with a new modern skin and user interface enhancements. In addition, there is an expansive preset system for optimizing your workflow. All-new Spline Import options allow users to easily use Illustrator, PDF, and SVG vector artwork in their 3D scenes. Capsules allow anyone to tap into the power and flexibility of Cinema 4D?s Scene Node system, with plug-in-like features directly in the Classic Object Manager. And the New Spline and Data Integration functionality can be used to build powerful Capsule Assets. See More

Trapcode 17

Features the long-requested ability to work with Particular and Form in the same 3D space by bringing Form behaviors to Particular. The release also sees upgrades to the Flocking simulation with the addition of On Predator/Prey Contact and Team designations as well as improvements to system organizational capabilities in the Designer. Form also includes many quality-of-life updates and all Trapcode tools now support Adobe?s multi-frame rendering. Available via Red Giant Complete or Maxon One.

VFX 2 and Bang!

Includes the newly acquired Bang plugin, a fully procedural 3D muzzle flare generator that enables the quick and easy addition of muzzle flashes to your footage. Bang gives full creative control over the look of muzzle flares, including position, shape, color, decay, and duration. Recent enhancements include more realistic Glows, Heat Blurs, and Age Control refinements. VFX 2 also introduces compatibility with Apple?s Metal Graphics API for Primatte Keyer for optimal performance on supported systems. Available via Red Giant Complete or Maxon One.

Magic Bullet 15

Incorporates compatibility and optimization for Apple Silicon-powered Macs, as well as support for Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR) in Adobe After Effects. In addition, Cosmo, Mojo, Film, Renoiser now take advantage of Apple?s Metal Graphics API for optimal GPU performance on Mac.

Both Magic Bullet 15 and Universe 5 now support Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR) in Adobe After Effects. Available via Red Giant Complete or Maxon One.
*Denoiser has not been updated in this release.

Redshift RT (public beta)

A new rendering mode that provides near real-time rendering performance while using the same shaders, lights, and efficiently co-existing with the standard Redshift render engine in the same DCC and scene. Perfect for artists to use during the development process of a project or even final render if the project does not need the same amount of fidelity as standard Redshift. See More

- Latest Cinema 4D Subscription license
- Latest REDSHIFT Subscription license ( capable of being used on other modelers ie. Maya, Houdini, 3DS Max, Blender and Mac OS11.3+ Intel & M1etc )
- 5 x Team Render Nodes - to allow using of other networked workstations to speed rendering
- Latest REDGIANT Complete Subscription license
( incl Trapcode Suite AE Effects for dynamic flow, Magic Bullets Suite, Universe 80 GPU acel AE plugins,VFX Suite multi VFX plugins, Plural Eyes Suite for synching audio and video )

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ZBrush 2022 ZBrush 2022 12mth Subscription license 12 months

PIXOLOGIC ZBRUSH 2022 Non Floating license - 12 mth subscription

ZBrush NFL Subscription 12 months
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Our Price: $596.20 Inc GST
Cinema 4D Price Cinema 4D S R26 NF 12mth Subscription license + Renderer

CINEMA 4D S R26 Non Floating license - 12 mth subscription inc PREMIUM access

Cinema 4D S R26 NFL Subscription 12 months
New or Renewal license orders
Includes New improved interface, Placement Tools Premium account of & more

Our Price: $1,106.33 Inc GST
MAXON ONE Price MAXON ONE - Non Floating license 12 mth subscription

MAXON ONE Subscription - 12 mth license inc Redshift, Red Giant Complete
includes ZBrush 2022

Includes :
Cinema 4D
5 x Team Render nodes
Redshift GPU Renderer
RED GIANT Complete
ZBrush, Forger (iOS) &

Our Price: $2,025.10 Inc GST