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Tiertime UP 3D Printers
The use of 3D printers in Australia or the concept of 'Additive Manufacturing' is a new benchmark for the production and manufacture on accurate 3D designed and modelled components. The concept of 3D Printing is not new but has evolved massively over the last 5-10 years using new materials and techniques using different materials like plastic and metal, both of which can be fused and reassembled through different methods as simple as controlled cooling of molten plastic based filament, to be explained more later or by more advanced techniques using spectral lasers, coherent light etc. The techniques that we are most familiar and affordable are those using 'Fusion Disposition Manufacture' (FDM) with an expanding selection of filament that provides the raw material for creating parts that are designed using powerful 3D software such as :
there are many 3D software design programs that have various paths for creating the accurate 3D surfaces that get transferred to .stl (stereo lithography format ) that is used by 3D printers to produce the parts.
Apart from new advances in filament composition, ease of use, strength, flexibility and look. The 3D printers in Australia have also evolved and the Tiertime UP 3D Printers offer support for the full range of new and advanced filaments that offer the required features.
The Tiertime UP 3D Printers support full control of the fusion temperatures that allow accurate creation and minimise issues with the different filaments at optimal sizes for the enclosed controlled environments.

Pictured here is our new Tiertime X5 continuous duty cycle low volume 3D printer

and our

    UP 300 Tiertime Printing offer 3 different easily interchanged heads for maximum performance based on different filament type.


    Build Larger Volume 3D models with consistent quality over multiple material filaments.
    The Tiertime UP300 3D Printer is highly adaptable with its easily interchanged print heads (magnetic click) for
    easy to print:
    PLA simple and easy to print - many colours and styles
    ABS and special ABS+
    more versatile, flexiblility & strength and ultra violet ray protection
    TPU for newer and higher strength polycarbonates, polyurethanes and high strength materials
    It has a dual filter HEPA filtration system that keeps in those nasty fumes
    Build Volumes X,Y,Z 205, 255,225mm with speeds up to 220mm/s

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    Tiertime UP300 Professional 3D Printer price in Australia Tiertime UP300 Professional 3D Printer

    Tiertime UP300 3D Printer

    • Three (3) Material-Specific Printheads

    • Double-sided Interchangeable build plates

    • Fully enclosed double Air-filtration - No fumes

    • Compatible with Auto-print Queue software

    • Print size : 205 x 255 x 225mm

    Our Price: $3,591.50 Inc GST
    Tiertime X5 3D Printer Tiertime X5 Continuous 3D Printer

    Tiertime X5 Continuous 3D Printer

    • UP Tiertime Short Run Continuous 3D Printer
    • Large format UP Continuous Print
    • PROSUMER 3D Printer Auto swapping Build PlateShort Run Print size : 180 x 230 x 200mm

    Our Price: $6,985.00 Inc GST