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Cinema 4D S R26 NF 12mth Subscription license + Renderer
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Our Price: $1,106.33 Inc GST

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Product Code: MAX01819

Add new Renderer including REDSHIFT*:

Description Specifications


Cinema 4D S R26 Subscription 1 Year - NFL License

For SITE licensing we offer special pricing for 3+ NFL TEAMs licenses or 5+ Floating TEAMs licenses
leave message below and we will quote...


Cinema 4D Non Floating Lice with Redshift CPU

  • All Cinema 4D users can now work with Redshift Materials, Lighting and Rendering on any hardware with Redshift CPU support
  • Redshift CPU includes all features of Redshift GPU except Rounded Corners
  • Hybrid Rendering Support has been added (GPU+CPU)
  • Team Render / Command Line Entitlements can now utilize Redshift CPU

Redshift Materials

  • RS Standard Surface Material offers intuitive material definition and compatibility with industry-standard workflows
  • New Energy Conservation for Micro-facet BRDF/BSDF
  • D'Eon Lambert-Spheres use a new Diffuse Roughness model
  • Thin Film BRDF
  • More intuitive Metalness workflow

Redshift Integration

  • Viewport Preview

    • Improved Viewport Preview with Node-based Redshift materials, including:
      • Diffuse color and weight
      • Reflection color and weight, roughness, IOR and BRDF (Beckmann/GGX)
      • Overall bump, tint and opacity
      • Overall emission and weight
      • Transmission color and weight
      • Metalness, metal edge tint and reflectivity
      • Sheen color, roughness and weight
      • Coat color, weight, roughness, BRDF, IOR, reflectivity and bump
      • Normal Maps
      • Maxon Noises
      • MoGraph Color User Data
      • UV Scaling on Texture Nodes
      • Texture Layer Weights
    • Redshift Dome Light overrides default reflection map for viewport previews
    • Node Material SDK enhanced to allow third-parties more control over viewport previews

  • Exchange

    • Basic material properties and textures export for Node-Based Redshift Materials to FBX and to USD
    • Basic Node-Based Redshift material constructed on import from FBX and from USD
    • Node Material SDK enhanced to all third-parties more control over material import/export

  • Other Improvements

    • Node Materials now support OSL
    • Improved Colorization/Categorization of Redshift Nodes within Node Materials
    • Improved performance / interaction within Redshift Node Materials
    • Layout updates cameras and lights based on active render engine (Redshift Cameras and Lights in default layout)
    • Show in Node Editor exposes port


  • Simulation Scene

    • Provides settings for new unified simulation framework (currently Cloth and Splines)
    • Multiple Simulation Scene objects allow split systems with optimized iterations and different forces
    • Calculate simulations via CPU or GPU

  • Cloth Simulation

    • Cloth Simulation based on new Simulation framework
    • Calculate simulations via CPU or GPU
    • Multiple cloth objects can be simulated together in a unified simulation
    • Apply Cloth to Children
    • Control Cloth attributes via Vertex Maps
    • Accurate tearing creates new points and doesn't require a cloth surface
    • Balloon option maintains the volume of closed surfaces
    • Plastic Deformation
    • Automatic Connections

  • Rope Simulation

    • Rope (Spline) Simulation based on new Simulation framework
    • Rope/Cloth interactions
    • Rope Simulation uses tessellated points


  • ZRemesher

    • Remesh Object now includes ZRemesher for high-quality procedural automatic retopology
    • Quad Remesh Node offers procedural remeshing within Capsules / Scene Nodes

  • Modeling Tools

    • Bridge

      • New, incredibly-powerful Bridge tool

      • Surface and curvature interpolation
      • Intelligently defines normals direction for bridging
      • Preserves UVs, Vertex Colors and other surface attributes in most cases

    • Close Polygon Hole - Grid

      • Close polygon holes with a quad-dominant grid topology
      • Preserves curvature and topology, including UVs, Vertex Colors and other surface attributes

    • Equal Spacing

      • Evenly distribute selected edge loops to equalize spacing between neighboring loops
      • Preserves curvature of the original mesh
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Fit Circle

      • Transform selected geometry components to a circular shape

      • Interactive controls to affect scaling and rotation of circle

      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Flatten

      • Flatten selected geometry based on a specified axis, normals or the view angle
      • Interactive controls to affect the strength and flatten plane
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Poke Polygons

      • Create a new point in the center of each selected polygon
      • Automatically offset created point based on the polygon normal direction
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Set Flow

      • Transform edge loops to follow the curvature of neighboring geometry
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Smooth Edges

      • Smooth selected edges while preserving edge length and volume
      • Interactive Controls to adjust smoothing amount
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node

    • Straighten Edges

      • Straighten selected edges
      • Interactive Controls to adjust straightening amount
      • Available as an interactive tool and Geometry Modifier node
    • Vector Import

      • SVG now supported in Vector Import Object
      • Improved SVG Import
      • Clipping Paths supported in Adobe Illustrator files

Task Manager

  • Expandable and dockable progress bar to show the progress of multiple processes, including:
    • Loading/Saving Projects
    • Crash Reports
    • Loading Assets Databases, Downloading Assets and Generating Previews
    • Rendering via Picture Viewer and Render Queue, Clearing the Picture Viewer Cache
    • Generating Fractures
  • Many processes are now asynchronous (run in the background)
  • Network saves are now predominately asynchronous

Scene Nodes

  • Component Access
  • Data Inspector shows Geometry contents
  • Variable Font Support in Text Spline
  • Segment support in Assemble Spline Node
  • Add Control Point along Spline
  • Split Spline Node
  • Automatic UV Geometry Modifier Node - automatically generates a UV map based on the Automatic Packed UVs algorithm
  • Quad Remesh Geometry Modifier Node - performs automatic retopology via ZRemesher algorithm
  • Geometry Modifiers: Equal Spacing, Fit Circle, Flatten, Poke Polygons, Set Flow, Smooth Edges, Straighten Edges
  • Spline Distributions - Control Points, Even, Line Center, Random, Solidify, Step
  • Bias added to Blue Noise distribution - The bias moves between [-1, 1] to favor more small clones or more big ones. In the negatives it will overscale.
  • Improved Asset Browser filtering
  • Conversion command between op and base node
  • Show in Node Editor / Ctrl-Click Connector dot exposes port

General Enhancements

  • Animation

    • Hammer Weights - Define weights based on the average of surrounding points
    • Colorize by Prefix command colorizes joints and other objects based on prefix or suffix.

  • Asset Browser
    • Performance Enhancement - Asynchronous Database Indexing
    • Option to generate Database Index for improved speed and publishing online

  • Performance

    • Improved Memory Management for better overall performance after many renders

  • UI Refinement

    • Font list can be filtered by name
    • Preference to choose the "Default" resolution used for Texture Previews
    • Embedded Webview / HTMLViewerCustomGUI uses Edge / WebKit on Windows
    • User Layouts denoted by Italic rather than (User) to save space
    • Menus and Palettes dynamically change their content by checking what the Renderer in use is.
    • Layout tabs can be reordered by drag and drop
    • The Open Recent list has been added to document tab context menu
    • Document tabs expand to contain more of the filename
    • Categorization within menus
    • Green Checkmarks are back
    • Many Added Icons
    • Faster and more precise sliders based on code rather than bitmaps
    • Size of numeric inputs consistent on both OS's
    • Folder icon to replace "..." in file loaders
    • Refinements to Gradient UI (alpha mode)
    • Shorter Mixed text (in Italic) to replace <<Multiple Values>> in AM
    • Null types can now be identified by new icons
    • Additional precision - 4 decimals instead of 3 for numeric inputs
    • Scroll wheel in Attribute Manager only changes values when the specific attribute is focused
    • Color Chooser refinements: color sliders refinement, alpha is always visible, the color wheel ui is a bit more compact horizontally
    • Script Word Wrap support for the Python Console
    • Refinement of CTRL+Left/Right key behavior in multi-line text. (They correctly jump to words beginning/ending)
    • File chooser supports multiple file selection
    • Directory chooser on Windows updated to modern style
    • C4D Objects removed from Asset Browser to avoid duplication
* For more information or technical questions chat online (if available) or leave message as prompted
Cinema 4D R25
R S24
Full Features

R26 Feature Highlights

  • More details coming...
  • Placement Tools: Cinema 4D R25 set the standard now with a new interface workflow and the stage for creativity with intuitive and powerful tools for placing objects within a scene. Creating an environment, adding props and creative exploration is as simple as dragging-and-dropping objects onto one another, painting objects onto a surface, or allowing objects to fall into place with the help of dynamics.
  • New Asset Browser: Makes it easy to find and use models, materials and other assets in your 3D scenes. Browse and search online or local asset databases, including a vast library of assets available to C4D subscribers. Assets are organized with rich metadata and keywords and are downloaded and cached locally on demand.
  • Animation Workflow Enhancements: Cinema 4D R25 adds more powerful animation workflow enhancements and builds upon the success of character animation features introduced in R23. Everyone who creates keyframes will enjoy improved curve evaluation and other workflow enhancements, while Character Animators will enjoy even more powerful retargeting and pose workflows.
  • Scene Manager/Scene Nodes: Experience first-hand how things are taking shape as work continues on Cinema 4D's new core. Cinema 4D R25 introduces the Scene Manager, the spiritual successor to Cinema 4D's Classic Object Manager. Use powerful node-based assets to construct procedural geometry or entire scenes in this new hierarchy-based view or view the same objects in a continually evolving Scene Nodes editor.

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