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Modo 3D 801 modeller OPTIONS FormZ 8 PRO modeller
Our Price: $1,295.00 Inc GST
Modo 3D 801 modeller FormZ modeller
Modo 3D 801 with Mesh Fusion ( floating lic ) Modo 801 Plugin
Our Price: $2,717.00 Inc GST
Modo 3D 801 with Mesh Fusion Modo 801 Plugins
FormZ 8 PRO with RenderZone MAXON Cinema4D R16 STUDIO
Our Price: $1,799.00 Inc GST
Our Price: $5,181.00 Inc GST
FormZ PRO with RenderZone Bundle Cinema4D STUDIO R16

Maxwell Render 3 floating license

Our Price inc GST $1,842.50 Inc GST
Maxwell Render 3 floating license

Maxwell Render 3 (FLOATING)

Maxwell Render v3 floating license is for network rendering requirements on multiple computers
  • for professional or individual use when network rendering on multiple computers is required ( Win / OSX )
  • Full features ( unlimited resolution,plugins, Maxwell Studio & all Material access
  • Floating license can only be installed on any number of machines ( for use by one at a time )
  • Floating licences includes and additional 10 rendernodes to speed rendering by sharing render load

(available by download - no freight applied for this delivery)

New Products

3D UP Mini Printer
Our Price: $695.00 Inc GST

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