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MoonRay Digital Light Processing 3D Resin Printers

Digital Light Processing 3D resin printers can be used to aid in the creation of extremely accurate prints of smaller to medium sized 3D models from standard 3D software created coherent. DLP resin printers project 2D images, composed of pixels, transforming the image into a 3D image of voxels. By projecting images with a screen and flashes an image, become a printable layer all at once and can be cured simultaneously. This creates high quality prints at a faster rate than SLA resin printers since it takes less time to cure a single layer. At Smarttec you can find the best 3D printer for your printing needs. Our selection of high resolution DLP resin printers are capable of 20 micron vertical resolution. Shop at Smarttech for 3D printers priced within an affordable range for relatively new cutting edge and high precision technology to create designs that fit your printing needs today.

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MoonRay S100 3D Printer MoonRay S100 3D Printer
Our Price: $5,940.00 Exc GST
Sale Price: $5,910.00 Exc GST
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Pricing in Australia for MoonRay DLP Printing

Digital Light Processing based 3D printing or DLP printing is a relatively new technology that has become available for the creation of smaller to medium sized 3D models from standard 3D software created coherent (.STL)

The parts that the printers here produce are high quality and can be used for final use or for final casting in applications where accuracy and surface quality is more important than from standard fusion based printers (FDM) and one doesn't have the budget for much more expensive laser based SLA.