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M&E Design for Graphic Arts

Media & Entertainment Design using 3D tools has become omnipresent in all forms of the graphic design, be it for advertising, imaging, enhancing photography, gaming and new fields of VR & AR. This industry is at a tipping point as graphic designers are responsible for the images, videos and other media that we interact with every day; and they impact our moods, attitudes, goals and overall quality of life. Graphic designers use M&E Design tools to deal with the design of print and digital graphics - whether that's for brands, online media or entertainment sectors like console and AAA gaming - and they utilize professional, cutting-edge 3D graphic design software platforms to do their job. Graphic design software helps designers do everything from wireframe sketch, reduction and optimization of high poly count models from other 3D modellers all the way up to rendering and 3D modelling, allowing them to create photorealistic experiences across digital platforms.

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