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2U Rackmount YB-12S3EF4/YB-12S3EF8
3U Rackmount YB-16S3EF4/YB-16S3EF8
4U Rackmount YB-24S3EF4/YB-24S3EF4
SAS for Maximum Flexibility and Scalability
SAS builds on parallel SCSI by providing higher performance improving data availability, and simplifying system design. The SAS interface supports both SAS and SATA II disk drives, you decide how the 24/16/12 bays are populated either with SATA hard drives or SAS hard drives depending on your exact needs. For example, populate with SAS HDDs for data-intensive applications, and Serial ATA (SATA) drives for low-cost bulk storage of reference data. The system support up to 24/16/12 SAS/SATA II HDDs and one external Mini SAS 4x connector for easy expansion. When used with SAS expanders, the system can provide up to 122 device through one or more SAS JBODs, making it an ideal solution for enterprise-class storage applications that call for maximum configuration flexibility and scalability.

Extremely Performance:
New high-performance architecture of Yotta B SAS series RAID sub-system comes from New Intel® IOP341 I/O Processor providing IOP-based RAID 5 and RAID 6 hardware acceleration, 1 MB embedded SRAM on-chip, PCI-X and eight lane PCI-Express bus architecture, up to 2 GB 64-bit 533MHz ECC DDR2 SDRAM, Dual 128-bit/400 MHz internal buses, and over 12 GB/s internal bandwidth makes its high data throughput exceeding any existing RAID controller with SAS drive.
The test results with performance benchmark utilities IO Meter shown below demonstrate its outstanding performance.

Convenient Modularized Designs
Yotta RAID series has a fully modularized design that replaced all the cables with connectors. RAID controller, cooling fans, disk drives, and power supplies can be easily swapped to eliminate the down time of the RAID services. The modular design also minimizes headaches should you choose to stick a cold spare parts on the shelf for emergencies, all swappable modular are interchangeable between all models within series.

Enhance Features:
Instant Availability/Background Initialization
Array Roaming
Online Capacity Expansion
Online RAID Level and Stripe Size Migration
Easy Management
Hot-Swappable design
EZSecure Lock
RAID Type FC- SAS series
Model number YB-24S3EF4/YB-24S3EF8 YB-16S3EF4/YB-16S3EF8 YB-12S3EF4/YB-12S3EF8
RAID CPU Engine Intel® IOP341 I/O Processor @800Mhz
RAID Features RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60 & JBOD
Multiple RAID selections
Instant availability and background initialization
Online RAID level / stripe size migration
Online Array roaming
Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
Online volume set expansion
Bad block auto-remapping
Hot spare and automatic hot drive rebuild
Hot Swap Components Power Supply, FAN, Disk Drive
System Type 4U Rack-Mounts 3U Rack-Mounts 2U Rack-Mounts
Host Interface Dual 4Gb FC channels/Dual 8Gb FC channels
Disk Interface 24 SAS channels 16 SAS channels 12 SAS channels
JBOD Expansion Port One SAS JBOD Expansion Port can be attached to SAS JBOD to expand capacity
Battery Backup Module Optional, supporting 72 hours battery backup time
RAID Management Firmware embedded Web browser-based RAID manager via built-in 10/100 Ethernet port
Firmware embedded manager via RS-232 port
Firmware embedded manager through LCD control panel
Field-upgradeable firmware from flash ROM
Monitors & Notifications All system status can be monitored via Firmware-embedded Web browser-based RAID manager
System status indication through LCD, LED and alarm buzzer
All system events can be sent to multiple user via emails alerts
SNMP agent already embedded in the firmware allows remote to monitor events through LAN
Operating System OS independent and transparent
Power Supply 24 bays systems: Redundant by three 460W power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type and cableless design 16 bays systems: Redundant by dual 460W power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type and cableless design 12 bays systems: Redundant by dual 375W power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type and cableless design
Electrical AC Voltage 110-230 VAC/AC frequency 50-60Hz
Temperature Operating temperature: 5 ~ 35 degree Celsius.
Non-Operating temperature: -40 ~ 60 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80% non-condensing
Dimension 24 bays system: 446.4mm (W) x 562mm (D) x 4U 16 bays system: 446.4mm (W) x 520mm (D) x 3U 12 bays system: 446.4mm (W) x 545mm (D) x 2U
Weight 24 bays system: 28.4kgs (W/O HDD) 16 bays system: 24kgs (W/O HDD) 12 bays system: 17kgs (W/O HDD)
Specifications subject to change without notice, All trademarks or registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Fibre Channel Drives