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3D Handheld scanners

3D scanners for art, automotive, industrial design, education & healthcare.

3D Handheld scanners are on the bleeding edge of the 3D printing and modeling industry. While this application is used in high-tech industries, the availability of consumer-grade handheld 3D scanning tools are allowing entrepreneurs, small companies, and even mom and pop shops to utilize this technology and bring their business into the 21st Century. Smarttec enables our customers to buy 3D scanners online from brands such as EinScan, who produce fast, reliable and cutting-edge handheld scanners that can be used in a wide range of industries.
We currently have a range of high end 'coherant light' and laser based scanners with :

EinScan PRO HD with ability to scan shiny metal surface better
EinScan H Infrared & structured light scanner for evolutionary soft body scanning with no harsh light
EinScan HX hybrid high efficiency LED & Laser scanner for colour recording & tracking

with the same Einscan PRO software flexibility and the option of adding Geomagic mesh to spline conversion

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