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3D Scanners - EinScan Handheld Scanners

EinScan Pro? Series

Quick, Easy & Super Accurate

The ability of the EinScan-Pro being used
in so many different scenarios makes
it a capable scanner of choice.


Introducing the All New:


Enlarged Scanning Range

The new EinScan Pro+ scanning range covers 300 x 170 mm, that?s an increase of 1.6 times! Thus, giving you more scan area coverage and quicker capture. Now that?s efficient!

EinScan Pro+


HD Scanning at Rapid Speed

EinScan Pro+ has been upgraded with a new generation of HD scanning technology ? upping from EinScan Pro?s 7 Data Capture Lines to a whopping 100 Data Capture Lines. Capture HD scanning at high scanning speed simultaneously.


R? - Rapid Registration

A new add-on that?s especially targeted for capturing large-size objects. Used during the Handheld Rapid Scan mode, the R? obtains the general geometrical features of the object and aligns scans seamlessly via reference points. This module is available for both the EinScan Pro and EinScan Pro+

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EinScan-PRO 3D Hand held Scanner EinScan-PRO+ 3D Hand held Scanner

EinScan-PRO+ 3D Hand held Scanner

  • NOW includes SolidEDGE ST10 3D Design software perpetual OEM NL license
  • EinScan PRO + is 7.6 x faster
  • Higher resolution
  • Full features ( high speed scanning, highly accurate, very versatile)
  • Includes Windows based easy to setup and calibrate software - requires i5 or similar CPU and nvidia GTX 650+

  • RRP $7,810.00 Inc GST
    Basic Scanner: inc GST $7,790.00 Inc GST
    You save $20.00!